Looking for Contributions

Well, the web site is now back up and operational.  I’ll be bringing the content from the old site over to the new site as soon as I can.  This is likely to be a time consuming process, as each article will need to be transferred individually, and re-formatted for the new site.

In the mean time, anyone who has anything that they think should be posted up here can do one of two things.  You can either PM me, ClockworkLemon, on the forum and request an account for the purposes of posting articles.  I’ll need to know what you want your user name to be, what you want your password to be (this will be a temporary password, and should be changed as soon as your account is set up), and your email address.  Or, alternatively, you could also PM me your article, and I can post it when I have a chance.  The second option will probably result in a delay in getting your article posted, seeing as I’m trying to bring the old articles across at the same time, so I’d prefer the first option, if possible.

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