Dogs of War 2013 Tournament

What: Flames of War Tournament

Flames of War is a miniature model tabletop game. Players collect, assemble and paint armies based on the nations that fought in World War II.

Using a set of rules, the player takes the mantle of a company commander and set forth their troops against another opponent’s army.

Battles rage for tactical positions via hasty assaults or desperate defence. Be it towns, river crossings, important road junctions or a hill for observation; the scenery in the game form an important part of the game and add much to the visual appeal of the game.

In the “Dogs of War” Tournament, the participants select a Flames of War army to play a series of games against other participants, vying for overall winner of the Tournament.

Where: Windmill Hill Hall, off High Street, Launceston

When: 9:15am to 5:00pm on 23rd and 24th February 2013 (TBC)

Who: Launceston Gaming Club, a wargame hobbyist group.

Entry Costs: Tournament Entry Cost $25.00 per person
Visitor Entry Cost Free

Further Tournament Details:

Prizes: 1st Place
Runner Up
Second Runner Up
Dogs of War Cup (perpetual trophy)
Lucky last is awarded the coveted Wooden Utensil!

Period: Late War. All relevant army lists are allowed.

Points Limit: 1,750 points per army.
Multiple Companies are not permitted.

Missions: 1st Day Free For All, Standard Domination, Random Mission (TBC)
2nd Day Encounter, Standard Domination

Further information on Domination mission can be found at

Participant Limit: 20 participants

RSVP: Entrants must confirm entry into Tournament by 24th January 2013.
Army Lists must be submitted to Event Organiser by 9th January 2013.

Contact: Cailus or Dead1 via PM on the forum for more details.

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