Bring 2009 netbook back to life?

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Bring 2009 netbook back to life?

Postby JoeClark » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:27 pm

Hello everyone,

"I have an old HP Mini 110 netbook with windows XP still on it. Obviously I'm not going to attempt to take it online these days, that'd be suicidal. I want to use it as a retro gaming system, but to transfer everything by memory stick is a task I'd rather not undertake. I got an additional ram for cheap, so it's up to 2 gigs of ram, it's max. Now I want to swap out XP.

Let me be clear that I don't want to pay one more penny on an obsolete computer with limited capability so I'm not buying windows 10 or anything. I only bought ram because it was so cheap. About the price of two double cheeseburgers and large fries at McDonald's. So what are my options for replacing XP? I know it's old, but there has to be a good option to bring it back to life and online."

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated,


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