MD-11 underside wing colors

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MD-11 underside wing colors

Postby JoeClark » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:00 pm


i'm currently simulbuilding - well, building one and overhauling the other - both an Airfix DC-10 and a Welsh MD-11. The -10 I built several years ago, giving it a major upgrade, will end up same FedEx livery. Upgrades include Contrails Model's engines for the DC-10, copy thr nose from the MD-11 to use in the DC-10, fairing corrections, some scribimg and Contrails Models metal landing gear for both. The MD-11 will be VARIG, late scheme.

Anyways, I need help. Particularly, with the underside of the wings. From reference I've been able to obtain that the upper side is typical airliner gray, with aluminum leading edges and a Dark Anisotropic gray for the anti-corrosion segment. On the MD-11 the Aluminum is used only on the inboard Ailerons and leading edges, while the DC-11 the amount of airliner gray is limited.

however, I haven't been able to find a DECENT underside photo of the wing for eiher of them. From what I've been able to discern is that the underside of the wing is Airliner gray, but on certain angles it doesn't reflect and looks different, so I assume it must be anisotropic gray for the anti-corrosion segment... Yet it doesn't look anywhere near as dark. Can any one help me or give me pointers on reference?

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References: ... ng-colors/

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