Fantasy RPG called Harn

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Fantasy RPG called Harn

Postby Soritas » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:33 pm

I am looking for a few regular people to play in My fantasy Harn campaign .

For those who have not encountered the game it is almost as old as D and D but was a percentile based system. It has a Massive and extensively detailed world (not mentioning the portals that lead to other worlds). Harn and HarnMaster are TM to Columbia Games who are constantly updating and releasing new material for the Game.

If interested My intention is to start the newcomers ;

"In the Castle of Olakand in late spring in the fourth year of the regin of King Scina ( known as the "Scheamer!") for the Grand Tournament and Trade Fair called the "Chellabin" in the Kingdom of Kaldor. It is a five day event that effectively triples the population of the area.
This year the grand prize for the Joust will be a war trained Destrier Horse (valued at about 600-800 pennies [ average yearly income for a peasant/serf is about 90 pennies] of the new Jedes breed. Grand prize for the archery competition is 50p and the possible recruitment into the Yeoman Guard , other prizes include a Dwarven sword and an Elven made bow and 20 arrows. The Chellabin is also hosting this year ,the wedding of Duke Margus to Lady Jade, the "First Court of Love" successful participants will be chosen to accompany the Queen on her Royal Visit to the Kingdoms of Shorkyne ,Ledenheim and Emellrine.
In addition to the martial and courtly attractions there will be he various market stalls {selling furs ,salted herrings, honey,leather goods,amber and wool }, guild challenges [Carters versus the Longshoremen tug of war is eagerly anticipated] and ample opportunity for those who can seize it.

If interested let me know

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