Necromunda: Terror from the Underhive

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Necromunda: Terror from the Underhive

Postby thunderking » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:50 am


To call the hives of Necromunda dangerous is an understatement, however some places are more dangerous than most. The underhive is the world below, devoid of law and reason; a place of savage beasts and a refuge from the twisted, the outlaw, and the mad. It is not without it's rewards, however: rare creatures and exotic plants fetch high prices from bored nobles, and lost treasures beckon to the brave and/or foolish...

For most common folk, the Underhive is nothing more than a source of tales to scare the juves, but from time to time some great disturbance brings all manner of terrors bubbling up to plague the mighty houses of the hive. Such a time draws near...

Discussion and FAQ
I have a story in mind to play through, but as a group I'd like us to decide what to do about a couple of practical questions. As the discussion develops I'll update this post with the latest news.

Which version of the rules do we want to use? There's a few available on Yaktribe according to Rob, but I've not yet had a look myself.

Gangs allowed
Do we want just the core gangs, or Outlander expansions as well?

With the game long out of production I'd not expect everyone to have legit models, but we need to decide how to handle these to keep things fair. Line of sight issues pop up with a lot of proxies, e.g. 90s chunky GW vs. modern GW vs. Infinity.

Story rewards
I'm planning a mix of standard missions and some story driven scenarios as well, which provide some sort of bonus to players as the game goes on. Do people also want to have some minor rewards for player-driven story development, characterisation of gangers, etc? Any reward would be at my discretion, as the circumstances fit.

Non standard missions
For the story to flesh out I'm thinking some missions might be players vs NPCs. In this style of play, one player would use their gang and the other provided NPCs to play through a scenario. Once complete players would swap roles, so each had a chance to play their gang that night. Some missions may also include multiple gangs, e.g. It came from the sump (which may make it's return...) Does this sound like something people would like to do?
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Re: Necromunda: Terror from the Underhive

Postby peter007 » Mon May 01, 2017 6:52 pm

My favorite one!
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