The state of Games Workshop

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The state of Games Workshop

Postby JoeClark » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:21 pm

Hi all,

Okay so here's the thing. 8th edition for Warhammre 40k is coming out soon(like, next week soon) and its gonna be a big change up. People are calling it NewHammer because its changing everything from the ground up. The entire game system is being re-written, with a stated emphasis on quick play and lethality of models. They want the games to be fasted and bloodier. Whether or not the rules will actually play out that way is up for debate, and personally after the debacle that was Age of Sigmar, I have very little faith in GW's ability to write their own rules.

But my larger point isn't the edition change-over or the new lore/models, its the new attitude GW is forcing on their stores. I'll tell you a story; I was playing a match a few days ago with my Orks and the manager walks over and sees my looted land raider. And he gives me a look and says 'Oh what's this? allied space marines?' and I'm all 'No, its a battlewagon.' and he said 'but its a land raider' and I was 'yeah, looted land raider. Orks man.' And he walks away.

For more details:

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