Battlefield Touring

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Battlefield Touring

Postby JoeClark » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:38 pm


have been playing A&A for decades & have toured battlefields from around the world. I have been to Europe 7 times in 9 years touring Canadian battlefields, war cemeteries and war memorials. WWII related I have been as far south in France visiting the U-boat pens in Bordeaux and as far north as Nijmegen & Arhnem in Holland & over to Kiel, Germany to tour U995, the last surviving TypeVII U-boat that is now a museum. have you done any touring of any WWII sites anywhere in the world??? where and why?? general interest or family pilgrimage?? and any great stories you can share??? maybe you might have a tour lined up, where are you going?? if you could tour any battlefield in the world, which and why?
I have spent much of the time in Europe hiking the Western Front, both through Belguim and into northern France & spent my childhood touring Civil War & War Of 1812 battlfields on family vacations then as a re-enactor.

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