Game 6/11/14

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Game 6/11/14

Postby NickB » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:42 pm

Trying to play something that is not FOW at least once a month.

Will play anything if the other player can supply troops.

Or able to supply troops and play:
- Saga
- Fields of Glory
- Lasalle
- Napoleon at War
- Warhammer Ancient Battles
- Dux Brittanearum
- Dux Bellorum
- Angels 20 (air war)
- Lion Rampant (medieval small battles)
- Legends of the Old West
- The Rules with no name
- Force on Force.
- A fist full of Kung Fu
- In her Majesties Name
- Seven Seas
- Across a Deadly Field
- Maurice
- Longstreet

Note -- in some cases I need notice to get the figures painted!
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