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Postby JoeClark » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:00 pm


Is prot pally pvp viable in anyway? I'm sorry but I cant think of any possible strategy to kill anything in pvp. What we have is a mess of powers when it comes to cc.. So far I have come to realize that sacred weapons+divine judgement is the only viable powers to kill something, every other power is HAMSTER and has next to no dps really. Sure aura of courage does a lot of dps, but that aint enough to kill just by spraying a barrage of atwills since they outheal themselves with lifesteal. Heck even our shields counts to lifesteal.. We are basically easy targets to attack when other classes are low on health to heal themselves... stacking on dmg resistance is also a fail, since tr and hr have burst dmg that will kill you in an instant unless you have a full dmg debuff and tanky rotation such as bane+absolution+truth and prot aura.


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