Warmachine... an objective view.

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Warmachine... an objective view.

Postby JoeClark » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:47 pm


Over the years i have dabbled with mini's from a variety of producers, I have a few Privateer press mini's from their iron kingdom range (I found their iron kingdom character minis to be of a higher standard than the regular warmachine characters at the time. 5 years ago) and have been wondering of late if warmachine is any good.

I'm not looking for any comparisons to GW or any other miniature/game producer for that matter either as I think I can make those myself, i'm just looking for your view on whats great/crap about warmachine mini's and the game system itself. From what I have gathered so far its a semi sci-fi fantasy semi skirmish game. By Semi-Skirmish i'm talking larger scale games than infinity or necromunda but smaller than a typical game of 40k. thats about as far as my knowledge goes.

As far as any research on the models are concerned, all I know so far is their range is predominately metal, they have been delving into a semiplastic resin or something in the last 2 or so years. Had a good perve n their minis on their website and would have to say my fave models from their range are their warcasters. Also those warjacks dont float my boat, but thats just personal spin lol.

Hoping to tap into the collective knowledge bank here guys so go wild.

For more details: Industrial teaser trailer
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